Monday, November 3, 2008

Squares Gone Wild!

This next "Square-in-a-square" project is a bit more offbeat than the 1st two. It is a shawl called the "Fair & Square Wrap". Like the poncho, it is also made with Noro Kureyon & Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. However, the squares are not placed along the border, but rather all over the wrap. Those squares which dared to breech the seed stitch border and meet the front or bottom edge have i-cord fringe dangling from them. I especially like the back view of the shawl. This pattern is also available from the iKnitiative pattern line.

There are two more designs on this "squares" theme, but one is out for consideration to be published. The other--I have not yet decided whether to send it out, publish the pattern myself, or save it for the book I hope to write someday...

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Eileen said...

Love this! How can I get a copy of the pattern? The Iknitiative website is gone and I cant find it anywhere else. thanks