Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Half Linen Stitch Purse

The next design is a cousin of the last sweater. The "Lipstick Bag" is so named because it is meant to be a small dressy bag just big enough for a lipstick and a few other essentials. It is knitted with Nashua Handknits Grand Opera along with Creative Focus Ribbon. The same half linen stitch ribbing used in the sweater is at the top of the bag, with an extension of the middle ribs on one side forming a flap closure. The closure ends with a large bead the weight of which keeps the bag closed. The body of the bag is a variation of half linen stitch with Grand Opera and the ribbon yarn alternated every 2 rows.

This pattern is available in the Nashua Handknits North American Designer Bags pattern book.

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