Sunday, November 9, 2008

Half Linen Stitch Sweater

This sweater design was inspired by a ribbing I discovered that incorporates half linen stitch. The "Ruffled V-Neck Pullover" starts with a ruffle, then changes to half linen stitch to the waist, then the nifty half linen ribbing to define the waist, and finally stockinette stitch up to the neck and shoulders. The sleeves start with the half linen ribbing, change to half linen stitch and then to stockinette stitch. Stitches are then picked up at one neck edge for the ruffle.

This sweater has some nice features, I believe, from a knitter's point of view. The body shaping is simple. Because of the ribbing at the waist, there are no increases or decreases required in the body to attain the defined waist of the sweater. Also, stitch patterns frequently change through out the body and sleeves, making it a more interesting sweater to knit than just plain stockinette stitch.

The "Ruffled V-Neck Pullover" is knit in Nashua Handknits Grand Opera. The pattern is in the Nashua Handknits Theater pattern book.

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