Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Basketweave Intarsia Wraps

The next two designs I will group together since they are similar. The concept is the same as the scarf from the previous post except I used two different yarns for the intarsia squares: a mohair blend for the garter squares and a ribbon yarn for the stockinette squares.

The 1st wrap, called the "Stairstep Wrap" appeared in Knit Simple Magazine Winter 2005 and was knit from two Kertzer yarns, Overture and Sari. One edge of the caplet is straight, while the other edge has a stepped effect. This design also starts with one square and builds from there.

The "Step Lively Shawl" is the 2nd wrap and was knit with two Classic Elite yarns, La Gran Mohair and Potpourri. This shawl also starts with one square and builds out, but is symmetrical and has ribbon fringe at the corners of the edge squares. This pattern is available for purchase from the iKnitiative pattern line.

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