Sunday, November 2, 2008

Square-In-A-Square Redux

This poncho design was obviously inspired by my VK scarf in that it has the square-in-a-square motif on the border done with the same technique of separating the long color runs from Noro Kureyon. However, I used a tweedy solid yarn for the border and body of the poncho. The designing was a little tricky in that the poncho is made with two rectangles and so the border must be knit on one horizontal and one vertical side of each piece. Therefore the row gauge had to be just right for the squares to match up where the seams met. I also had to add an extra stitch to each square that would be worked into the seam so the squares would still be square after the seam was sewn.

The original poncho is actually the pastel colorway in the second picture here (modeled by my daughter, a number of years ago). The main color yarn is discontinued. When the iKnitiative pattern company expressed interest in purchasing this design, it required reknitting the poncho in a currently available yarn. So the squares are again knit in Noro Kureyon, while the main color yarn is Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. This pattern, called "Poncho Squared", is available for sale through the iKnitiative website.

I still have the original pastel poncho (which is much more "my" colors) and love to wear it even though some would say ponchos are no longer "in".

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