Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mock Fair Isle Vest

Believe it or not, this is also half linen stitch. When you alternate colors every 2 rows you get a pattern that looks very much like fair isle. The nice thing about this technique is you only use one color at a time across each row, so there is no need to carry along more than one color as in fair isle. The only downside is the look of the color pattern is limited. But if you like the look of fair isle knitting, and have difficulty carrying colors, aka stranding, across the back or have tension problems, this technique could work for you.

The "Mock Fair Isle Vest" appeared in Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2006. It is knit in South West Trading Company Karaoke in one main color and three contrasting colors. Confession: This was meant to be a woman's vest, but the magazine decided to make it a man's vest. So I would say it is really unisex.

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